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Hello from Cebu City,  Philippines.   Ray Arana has spent the last few days in Cebu locating construction and other humanitarian materials that he will take 5 hours north to Anapog, a fishing village on the north coast that lost 90% of the homes and commercial structures.  Not only were their homes destroyed but their wooden fishing boats were heavily damaged.  Ray’s plan is to coordinate construction activities with the resident community leaders, priortize projects, hire local carpenters, and begin the process of rebuilding their community….In addition, they will evaluate the damage to the wooden fishing boats and begin the process of repair.

Ray-MedicineRay will intruduce them to water purification protocol that he used successfully in Haiti during the collera epidemic.

“Conditions for the people here are desperate.  It is the rainy season and the people are living without shelter, limited medicine,  and no medical mission or functioning clinic. Seeing a lot of secondary infection, water born disease from drinking bad water, lots of infected cuts, and dehydration.”

“I plan living out of my hammock under a tree, just like Haiti. In many ways this disaster is similar to Haiti. Most of the people in the villages were evaccuated  before the typhoon landed, which prevented even higher loss of life, that was experienced in the Haiti earthquake of 2010.”

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Relief Team One is committed to across borders solidarity in construction, construction skills training, English language instruction, and micro-enterprise development to create sustainable positive change.


Relief Team One:

  • assembles small teams of dedicated volunteers to work on the ground to impart real and lasting skills.
  • teaches local people the essentials of construction, including everything from masonry and carpentry to the creation of water purification systems.
  • teaches English speaking skills to enhance opportunities for employment.


Education + Employment = Empowerment



Relief Team One is a non-religious, apolitical, 501C-3 non-profit organization.


About Our Team:

Founder and Program Director: Ray AranaRay is a US Navy Vet., Master Carpenter and Builder. He is skilled in portable water and sanitary systems and remote solar power stations. Ray has hands on experience in the Katrina Recovery, rebuilding houses in Louisiana. He has also volunteered in El Salvador with the Red Cross after the 2001 Earthquake.E-mail:



Current Projects:

Relief Team One has various on-going projects in effort to rebuild and educate Haitians. The following are the current projects that Ray is working on.

Orphanage Project

Relief Team One has hired 28 of the men trained by Ray Aranasince February 2010 when he started teaching construction technology. Comnstrutiion of the Orphanage complex, named Village de Notre Dame de Lourdes is well under way. Phase I of the project consists of installing the septic tank system, building a bathroom structure, a generator room, a well, and the rest of the building including a bakery, sotrage room, kitchen, and dining room.

The project had a set back when the roof of the preexisting vocational building blew away in a storm. Ray re-designed building to reinforce the walls and have a roof that now meets all anti-seismic and anti-hurricane standards. The recent gift of a cement mixer, from Mario Landreville, enables faster progess on the orphanage. All of the buildings are made of cement blocks that are individually filledand strengthened by custom made reinforcement steel columns.

Fundrasing for Phase II (orphan dormitories) and Phase III (classrooms) is in progress.


Guesthouse/Agricultural/Micro-Husbandry Project

With the help and guidance of Relief Team One, the Missionaries of Christ King have started a guest house and agriculture project. Their goal is to be self sufficient and help support other convents of their order.

After the earthquake, RT1 repaired the Chapel of the convent as well as the galleries and columns, repainted the interior of the convent, and built a chicken coop and a barnyard for goats.  This allows the production of eggs, chickens, and milk for the convent and the people living in poverty in the area. Sister Benoite Leblanc has gradually upgraded some rooms that are now available for paying guests in a safe and lovely environment.


Craft Workshop Project

RT1 is facilitating the creation of a workshop at the Centre Saint Jean Bosco in Jeremie, Haiti that will help support the education of the 155 children that come to the school. These are the forgotten, children the ”Restaveks”  or “children in domesticity”. This is a practice that has been outlawed since 2004, yet today the UN estimates that 300,000 children live as slaves with families other than their own.

We provide craft supplies to make friendship bracelets, paper beads from recycled papers, scrunchies from old clothes, cards with banana leaves and seeds. At the craft workshop children will also learn to sew and make clothing such as scrubs for the local nursing school and hospital. Later on they will learn basic carpentry and make simple furniture pieces.  The supplies and market will eventually all be local. We are grateful for the generous support of Dr Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, The Children in Need Club and French Club of Loyola University Maryland.


Past Projects:

Relief Team One has been making a difference in Haiti since Ray’s arrival in February 2010. The following is a list of accomplishments to date.


  • Restoration of 5 commerical buildings (construction valued at $2.5 million), located throughout Port au Prince, that were partially destroyed in the earthquake.
  • Construction of 16 larger framebuildings in refugee camps located throughout Port au Prince.
  • Production of a pre-fab frame cinstruction system for mass produced housing.
  • Founding of a school to teach English and construction to local Haitians.
  • Training 40 Haitians in carpentry, masonry, cast in place concrete, and concrete resoration skills.
  • Providing work for the trained Haitians by hiring them to help RT1 with the projects.
  • Implementation of a Cholera Prevention class, training students how to purify water and protect themselves from disease.
  • Defined and initiated security protocol to provide security for staff and volunteers working on the projects throughout Haiti.
  • Founding of the guesthouse program for the Sisters of Christ King in Tabarre.
  • Hospital Cardinal Leger, Leogane, and roof reconstruction.
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